S4 Beam Measurements 2020

This page contains a link to the measurements described in the following paper:

Mitchell Wall, Robert J. Kuether & Matthew S. Allen, “Observations of Modal Coupling due to Bolted Joints in an Experimental Benchmark Structure,” Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, (Submitted Dec 2020).

The following *.zip file contains all of the data, finite element models, etc…  Some of the details are shown in the partial file tree below.

Link to 1GB Data File : (S4TestData_20201122.zip)

  • 2017Beam – Folder containing test data and FE models
    • PL_500lb_20200316
      • linearTests
      • NLTests
      • readme.txt
    • Pl_600lb_20200307
    • Pl_1000lb_20200307
    • Pl_1500lb_20200307
    • Pl_2000lb_20200307
    • surfaceMeasurementsAndFEMs
  • 2020Beam – Folder containing test data
  • postprocessing_20200423 – Matlab scripts to post process the measurements as was done in the paper.
  • readme.txt – Readme file explaining the organization of the data
  • S4TestData_20201105 – Test log with additional details on each data set.
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