S4 Beam Measurements 2020

This page contains a link to the measurements described in the following paper:

M. P. J. Wall, A. Allen Matthew S., and R. J. Kuether, “Observations of Modal Coupling due to Bolted Joints in an Experimental Benchmark Structure,” Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, vol. 162, p. 107968, 2022. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ymssp.2021.107968

The following *.zip file contains all of the data, finite element models, etc…  Some of the details are shown in the partial file tree below.

Link to 1GB Data File : (S4TestData_20201122.zip)

  • 2017Beam – Folder containing test data and FE models
    • PL_500lb_20200316
      • linearTests
      • NLTests
      • readme.txt
    • Pl_600lb_20200307
    • Pl_1000lb_20200307
    • Pl_1500lb_20200307
    • Pl_2000lb_20200307
    • surfaceMeasurementsAndFEMs
  • 2020Beam – Folder containing test data
  • postprocessing_20200423 – Matlab scripts to post process the measurements as was done in the paper.
  • readme.txt – Readme file explaining the organization of the data
  • S4TestData_20201105 – Test log with additional details on each data set.
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