Folder contains all test data taken on the 2017 and 2020 S4 beams in the spring of 2020.

Data is organized by beam and then by bolt preload. 
Each preload folder has a "linearTests" and a "NLTests" directory
	linearTests: This has 5-6 *.mat files with the FRFs needed to calculate the modeshapes. Along with the script to calculate the modeshapes and the "AssembledLinear_trunc.mat" which stores the modeshapes and other relevant data from the linear tests.
	NLTests: Contains the *.mat file for the time domain throughput data for each impact, and the modally filtered data for each impact, which was filtered with the modeshapes from the "AssembledLinear_trunc.mat" file.

Misc Notes (updated 20201122):

	Direct any questions to mwall4@wisc.edu or else to matt.allen@wisc.edu.

	Nonlinear tests are sampled at about 13 KHz to properly resolve forcing peaks, so it is recomended to decimate the signals.

	Specific details on drivepoints, load amplitudes, etc. are in README files in the relevant directories.

	All unit information is stored in the raw test output data files.

	All data reprocessed with the given hilbert transform code to have consistent scaling and naming conventions, so it may appear slightly different than in the paper. The processed output in each folder is only an example, other hilbert parameters might give a more ideal output for a particular test.

	Most processed files and some impact tests have been omitted for space, more is available upon request.

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