Research: Damped Wavy Composite Research

This page describes some of my research at Patterned Fiber Composites.  This work involved testing of composite materials, design of composite structures, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), viscoelastic damping and vibrations

  • Found that time-temperature superposition could be applied to damped wavy composite materials and implemented frequency/temperature testing, greatly increasing our understanding of how wavy composite materials perform.
  • Helped in developing a novel dynamic testing apparatus with temperature control. (Illustration below – See Testing paper.)

  • Designed highly damped composites for aerospace and sporting goods applications. (See our golf club at  The “Wright Flyer” replica airplane, featured on the Discovery Channel, also used these materials )
  • Performed FEA simulations and correlated FEA results to test data.
  • Designed structural modifications to manufacturing equipment.
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