EMA 642: Satellite Dynamics

Official Syllabus – Abbreviated/Formatted Syllabus



Due Dates
1/24 Lecture: Introduction
Assign HW #1 Problems (M1, M1c, and M2c), Due Wed. 2/7 in class
1/26 Lecture: Review of velocity and acceleration using a moving reference frame (G3.5, p. 134)
Lecture Slides – Mod2 – Newton-Euler
1/29 Lecture: Review of Newton-Euler Equations of Motion (G6.1, p. 296)
1/31 Lecture: Review of N-E for Systems of Rigid Bodies (G6.3, p. 331)
1/31(PM) Lecture: Review of Lagrange’s Equations (G7.5, p. 446)
Lecture Slides – Mod3 – Lagrange, Document Camera Notes
2/2 Lecture: Review of Numerical Integration (G7.6)
Matlab Scripts
2/5 Lecture: Lagrange with Constrained Gen. Coordinates (G8.1). 2D Crankshaft Example revisited
Assign HW #2 – Due Fri 2/16 in class
2/7 Lec: RF Switch Example (Forced Transient Response). Golf club shaft example. HW #1 due
2/7(PM) Lecture: (continued) Boat (non-holonomic) example
2/9 Lecture: Rotation Matrices/Euler Angles (G3.1, K3.2)
Assign HW #3 – Due Wed 2/21 in class
2/12,14 Optional: Meet in class to work on HW#2 with Grader
2/16 Lecture: Euler’s Equations in Euler Coordinates (K3.3.2)
Remedial Assignment HW #1a, Due Mon. 2/19 in class
HW #2 due
2/19 Lecture: Integrability of Angular Velocity Components (K3.3.3-4), Integration of EOM example, Lagrange EOM in Matlab HW #1a due
2/21 Lecture: Coordinates for Attitude Tracking (K4.0-1) HW #3 due
2/23 Lecture: (continued)
Assign HW #4 – Due Fri 3/2 in class
2/26 Lecture: (continued and Matlab help on HW#4)
2/28 Lecture: Integrating EOM using Quaternions (K4.2)
3/2 Lecture: Torque-Free Motion for a General Rigid Body (G10, K5)
Assign HW #5 – Due Wed 3/7 in class
HW #4 due
3/5 Lecture: Example 10.1 and Stability for Arbitrary Body (G10)
3/7 Lecture: continued HW #5 due
3/9 Lecture: Poinsot’s Solution for Torque Free Body
Assign HW #6 – Due Fri 3/16 in class
3/12 Lecture: Finish Poinsot’s Solution, Passive Attitude Control
3/14 Lecture: Attitude Control (K7)
3/16 Lecture: Attitude Control – Reaction Wheels and CMGs (K7) HW #6 due
3/19 Lecture: Attitude Control – continued
3/21 Exam #1 Lagrange’s Equations, Rotation Matrices, Quaternions (through HW#4)
Practice Exam
3/23 Lecture CANCELED
3/24-4/1 Spring Break
4/2 Lecture CANCELED
4/4 Review Exam #1
4/6 Lecture CANCELED – Engineering Expo – Study Kammer’s notes, Sec. 9.3 p204-213 and begin on the homework below.
Assign Homework #7 – Due Fri 4/13 in class
4/9 Lecture: De Spin – Yo-yo and Boom Extension Wrap up
4/11 Lecture: Gravity Gradients
4/13 Lecture: Gravity Gradient Stabilization
Also read self guided study notes here and this document on the Routh-Hurwitz criteria.
Assign Homework #8– Due Friday 4/20 in class
HW #7 due
4/16 Lecture: Intro to Multi-Body Dynamics and Chrono
4/18 Lecture: Multi-Body Dynamics and Chrono (cont)
4/20 Lecture: Install Chrono (personal laptops) and run demos
Installation Instructions are on this page.
Assign Homework #9 – Use Chrono to solve two problems, due Wed 4/25 at 10PM
HW #8 due
4/23 Lecture: Discuss Design Project, Chrono work in class
4/25 4/25 – Lecture: Chrono work in class HW #9 due
4/27 Lecture: Example CMG control
4/30 Lecture: Further examples of project analysis Design Project
Progress Reports
Due (4/30 at 5PM)
5/2 Lecture: Further examples of project analysis
5/4 Lecture: Review for final exam Design Project
Final Reports
Due (5/4 at Midnight)
5/7 Final Exam: 5/7/2018, Monday, 7:45AM – 9:45AM, Room TBD


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