EMA 610: Structural Finite Element Model Validation

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Key to abbreviations in weekly modules.
LO = Learning Outcome, Lec = Lecture, Read = Mandatory Reading, Review = Optional reading, Abr = Abrahamsson Book 2013

Semester Schedule: EMA 610 – Spring 2020
* NOTE: All of the dates below are approximate. The instructor will adjust the schedule as necessary. See the assignment on the course web page for the latest due dates.

Date* Week Topic Due Dates*
1/22 1 LO: Understand importance of finite element model updating and its application in the aerospace industry. Review
Lec: Introduction to FE Updating, Introduction to Nastran, Read: Linear Algebra Review, Review: Abr 1.0-1.8
HW#1 Assigned
1/24 Lec: Input files in Nastran
1/27 2 Read: Watch Online Patran/Nastran Tutorials: First (Links to an external site.), Second (Links to an external site.) & find others on your own
Work on HW#1 in Nastran
1/29 Lec: (finish lecture) Input files in Nastran
Work on HW#1 in Nastran
1/31 Lec: Vibration Fundamentals Review
2/3 3 Read: Topic 2 FEM, Lec: Review of FEM and Managing M & K Matrices from FEM HW#1 Due HW#2 Assigned
(NASTRAN files)
2/5 Lec: Properties of FE Model Matrices, Rigid Body Modes
2/7 Read: Topic 3 Modal Analysis, Abr 2.4 Lec: Modal Analysis, Damping, Lec: Modal Displacement Method
2/10 4 Work on HW#2 in Class
2/12 Work on HW#2 in Class
2/14 Read: Topic 4 FEM Errors
2/17 5 Read: Topic 5 Correlation Metrics, Abr. 9.2, 9.5
2/19 Lec: Topic 7 Test Analysis Models, Dynamic Reduction HW #3 Assigned
2/21 Lec: Topic 8 Static Reduction HW#2 due
2/24 6 Lec: Topic 9a Modal Reduction
2/26 Lec: Topic 9b Hybrid Reduction
Example: Static Reduction on beam44
2/28 Lec: Mode Acceleration Method, Matlab example of FRF computation.
3/2 7 Read: Ginsberg Ch. 9, or Book Excerpt Sec. 2.2-2.3.1 (free download from on campus) (Links to an external site.)
Lec: Introduction to Modal Substructuring, Constraints and Primal Assembly
HW#3 due
3/4 Lec: Hurty/Craig Bampton Models, Read: Book Excerpt HW #4 Assigned
3/6 Lec: Free-Interface Methods: MacNeal/Rubin
3/9 8 Lec: Frequency Response Computation (Ginsberg Ch. 5), MDOF_FRF_example.m – work on HW#4
3/11 Work on HW#4
3/13 Read: Topic 10.1 – Modal Kinetic Energy
3/16 Spring Recess 3/16-3/20
3/23 9 Read: Topic 10.2 – Effective Independence, Abr. 5.1, Video: Mod10 Sensor Placement (Links to an external site.), Notes
3/25 Read: Topic 11 – Selecting Input Locations, Abr. 3.4, 5.2
Video (Links to an external site.), Handout, Literature Example
HW#4 due
HW #5 Assigned
3/27 Work on HW#5
3/30 10 Work on HW#5
4/1 Read: Topic 12 – Selection of Target Modes, Abr. 3.5-6, Video Lecture: Target Modes (Links to an external site.), Handout
4/3 Read: Topic 14 – FEM Calibration
Video Lecture: Introduction to FE Updating (Links to an external site.)
Handouts (for the next few days): First, Second
4/6 11 Video Lec: Simple FEM Calibration, Intro to Modal Parameter Sensitivity (Links to an external site.) HW #6 Assigned
4/8 Read: Matrix Calculus, Lec: Modal Sensitivities to Design Changes & Enhanced Optimization (live lecture) HW#5 due
4/10 Work on HW#6
4/13 12 Lec (BBCU) Simple Jacobian Example
Work on HW#6
4/15 Lec (BBCU) Introduce Final Project,
Work on HW#6
Final Project Assigned
4/17 Work on HW#6 and project
4/20 13 Video Lec: S4B Updating Case Study (Links to an external site.) (see Mod. 14 Slides), Topic 15: Nastran Sensitivity Analysis Sol 200, Simple Jacobian Calc. in Nastran (matlab code).

Work on HW#6 and project

4/22 (BB Ultra) Lec: Topic 15 – ATA’s Attune Package (Links to an external site.)(Alternative: ata-e.com > Attune > Demo)
Open to work on project
HW#6 due
4/24 Open to work on project
4/27 14 Lec (read on own): Topic 16 – Model Validation, Abr. 11.1-4 (Matlab Implementation of FEMCali (Links to an external site.) FYI)
Open to work on project
4/29 Open to work on project
End of Course Evaluations: https://aefis.wisc.edu
5/1 Open to work on project
5/8 Final Reports Due:
5/8/2020, Friday, Midnight
Final Project Report Due
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