EMA 540: Experimental Vibration and Dynamic System Analysis

Official Syllabus

Course Materials:
Textbook errata, etc… (Ginsberg), Link to Book at UW-Library (Links to an external site.)
Lecture Notes (PDF)
Video Lectures (Youtube) (Links to an external site.)
Matlab Scripts
Homework Assignment Files
Homework Solutions

Key to abbreviations below:
LO = Learning Outcome
Read = Mandatory Reading
Review/Skim = Optional reading
PCA = Pre-Class Assignment.  These are due at the beginning of the following class and will be graded as homework problems.
ICEx = In Class Exercise
Lec = Lecture, Relevant HW Problems (green)

Activities/due dates/etc shown with orange text are subject to change

Date*Topic  (relevant sections from Ginsberg, Engineering Dynamics, 2008, Cambridge)Due Dates \ date assigned
9/2L1 Introduction Video (Links to an external site.) & Slides, Review  (1.1-1.2), HW1P1, HW2P1HW1
9/4L2 Kinematics of Particles & Bodies Video 1 (Links to an external site.), Video 2 (Links to an external site.) & Slides (part of 3.0-3.2), HW1P2-3
9/7 Labor Day Holiday 
9/9L3 Derivative of a Rotating/Elongating Vector (3.3) Video (Links to an external site.), Slides,  (Links to an external site.)HW2, HW #1 due, DP #1 Assigned
9/11L3 continued, Angular Velocity & Angular Acceleration (3.4) Video (Links to an external site.), HW2P2-4
9/14L4 Rectangular Coordinates (2.2), Cylindrical and Spherical Coords. (2.3), FW Live Lecture (BBCollab), Slides, HW2P5-6
9/16L5 Path Variables (2.1.1),  Video (Links to an external site.), Slides, PCA based on the video.HW3, HW #2 due
PCA #1 Due
9/18L5 Path Variables Continued: Parametric Description of Curves (part of 2.1.2) & Simultaneous Kinematical Descriptions (2.4), Video (Links to an external site.)
9/21Work on HW#3 and Project #1 in class – bring any Matlab questions. 
9/23L6 Velocity & Accel. Using Moving Ref. Frame (3.5), Video,  (Links to an external site.)HW#5P1-2HW4, HW #3 due
9/25– examples (merry go round, airplane propeller), FW Live Lecture (MerryGoRound download , MerryGoRound2 download  Propeller download )
9/28 – Selecting Reference Frames, Ginsberg Example 3.11, MEMS Gyro, MSA Live Lecture, Exam #1 Focuses on material up to this pointDP #1 Due
9/30L7 Motion Relative to a Moving Ref. Frame (Earth) (3.6), Video (Links to an external site.), Slides, HW#5P3HW5, HW #4 due
10/2L8 Rigid Body Kinematics (4.0-4.1), Interconnections (4.3), Video (Links to an external site.), Slides, Kammer Notes (see p. 70), HW#5P4
10/5L9 Euler Angles (4.2),  FW Live Lecture,  (notes download )  HW#5P5 
10/7Roll without Slip (4.3), L10 Kinetics of Systems of Particles  (5.1.1, 5.1.2), MSA Live LectureHW6, HW #5 due
10/9-Derivative of Angular Momentum (5.2.1-2,5.3), FW Live Lecture ( EMA_542_Lec10a_AngMom.pdf download ) 
10/12Review for Exam #1
10/14Exam #1 (w, a, velocity & acceleration) 
10/16-Kinetics of Rigid Bodies (Video Lecture (Links to an external site.), Slides) 
10/19-Graphical interpretation of angular momentum, MSA Live Lecture 
10/21Review Exam #1 (Live)
HW7, HW #6 due
10/23-examples, FW Live Lecture EMA_542_Lec10c_examples.pdf download 
10/26– Static and Dynamic Imbalance, Video (Links to an external site.) 
10/28-examples, FW Live Lecture EMA542_example6p2.pdf downloadHW8, HW #7 due
10/30Euler’s equations & Gyro Turn Indicator Eq. of Motion, MSA Live Lecture, Notes 10/30-11/4 (also see slides on 10/16) 
11/2Newton’s Laws for Systems (6.3), MSA Live Lecture 
11/4Vehicle example, MSA Live LectureHW #8 due
11/6Cone Example (Ginsberg 2nd ed. 5.27), FW Live Lecture EMA542_exercise_6-23.pdf downloadHW9 Assigned
11/9Spherical Gyro (roll without slip example), MSA Live LectureFinal Design Project: Project_Drone_F2020_v2.pdf download Assigned
11/11Stresses due to dynamic motion (review of EMA 303), MSA Live Lecture
11/13Non-uniform gyro example, MSA Live Lecture, Notes past 3 lecturesHW10, HW #9 due
11/16Open period to work HW#10, Matlab Example Spherical Gyro, Video Announcements/Lecture 
11/18Lec: Impulse-Momentum MSA Live Lecture, Open period to work HW#10, Football Video Link (Links to an external site.), NotesHW11 Assigned
11/20Lec: Helicopter/Drone Dynamics 101, MSA Live LectureHW #10 due
11/23Open period to work on design projects
11/25(no attendance taken) Open period to work on design projects
11/27– No Class:  Thanksgiving Recess –
11/30Open period to work on design projectsFinal Project Analysis Due (HW #11 due)
12/2Review for Exam
12/4Exam #2 – (Newton-Euler Kinetics)
12/7Open period to work on design projects
Analytical Mechanics pt. 1 (7.1-7.4) (5.1.3 – KE) – DELETED, take EMA 642 to learn this.
12/9Open period to work on design projects
12/15Final Projects Due at Final Exam Period Final Project Due
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